Made with 90% science, 10% magic.

★The most convenient cleaner ever designed.
★Incredible antibacterial microfiber engineered to lift-absorb-kill germs. 
★Insane Restickable adhesive. Adheres to back of all devices & most cases.
★Simply wash to rejuvenate fabric & adhesive sides. Use again and again.

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Our Funky Lifestyle Characters

Express your personality, interests and passions.

Olly & Remy are the flagship characters of the Treasure Funky Lifestyle Brand. These two fun loving characters never take themselves too seriously. They spread good vibes, fortune, and prosperity to people of all ages and devices of all sizes. Their Belly Icons reflect varying interests and personality. Olly rocks a smirk and Remy is the jolly one.

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Olly & Remy are illustrated to pique curiosity and designed with broad appeal in mind. They will adapt along with the ever-changing popular culture to stay relevant as we build a long lasting community around them. From their unisex names to sexually ambiguous looks, everything they stand for is open for interpretation. You decide what their Belly Icons mean to you. 

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Belly Icons™

Express yourself. 

Their Belly Icons reflect varying interests and personality. Represent!

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Each Package comes with 2 Magical Sticky Wipes of different sizes, colors and designs.

Quality is what we care about

We believe these are the ideal sizes for smartphones and tablets. Not too big but certainly not too small.  With Magical Sticky Wipes size doesn't really matter. It's more about the quality of the raw materials and the overall shape.

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Thin yet durable

It's not the size, it's the shape that matters. 

Magical Sticky Wipes are amazingly thin, small in size, yet more efficient than traditional microfiber cloth. Get funky!

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No comparison

Engineered for efficacy. Built to last. 

In order to achieve efficacy, the microfiber and adhesive sides needed to be fined tuned and engineered to work together. The shape, thickness, quality of the microfiber and adhesion makes all the difference. We care about quality.

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100% washable, reusable and restickable.
When it’s time to clean, you simply peel off of your device, wipe your device, then re-stick to the back of device or case. After wiping our safe eco-friendly antimicrobial finish will start to break down any bacteria you lifted off the device while cleaning. Most consumer products are produced with planned obsolescence (artificially limited useful life-span) in mind, but Magical Sticky Wipes are not. They are engineered to last.

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Bacteria under an magnified microscope.

This is 100% real. Magnified 800x.

Since bacteria is microscopic in size you have probably never realized that grime you are seeing is moving and very much alive.  You might want to think twice about putting your smartphone up to your face after seeing what moving bacteria looks like when viewed through a microscope. 

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moving bacteria
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We worked really hard to get this product to where it needs to be. Help us spread good vibes, not germs.™

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magical sticky wipe on iphone

The Problem

☆ Public toilets are 18x cleaner than our mobile devices. Nasty.
☆ Microfiber clothes are great but never with you when you really need one.
☆ One out of every six phones has traces of fecal matter on it.
☆ Everything you touch comes right back to your device.
☆ Phones run warm, bacteria breeds in warm environments.

Treasure Lifestyle Brand

Spreading Good Vibes. 

We love designing quality products that stand for something.

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